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This is the amount for the SERVICES you have selected plus any Court Filing Fees (if applicable) in this field.
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Add the PRINT FEE .10 cents for each page you are attaching to this order
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Add the SERVICE fee and FAX fee together for the Sub Total Amount and then add the 5% Credit Card Processing Fee to the Sub Total to get the Total Amount of this Order.
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I understand and agree that if I miscalculated the total amount for this order or if I didnít select the correct service option for my "deadline" date; Action Process Service will make the correct adjustments and charge this credit card accordingly without notice. *
I Pre-Authorize Action Process Service to charge all future Orders to this Credit Card, with no advance notice. *
Repeat Clients: In an effort to avoid entering your credit card for each order, you can complete a "one time" credit card order form and check the pre-authorization to charge all future orders to the credit card on file.
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