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In most cases the user name will be the first and last name of the "paralegal". If we
were not provided with the name of the paralegal, the user name would be the first
and last name of the "attorney" or person that signed the letter received with the
documents. If there was not a signature on the letter/instruction sheet, the user name
will be the firm/company name. There are no spaces in the user name, the user name
is all lower case and the password is "action" for every client. If you are an active
client and unable to log in contact our office to establish your login information.
Loretta Foster (President): My goal is to offer you a fast and professional service at a
reasonable rate. These great ladies have been trained by me to assist you with your daily
needs. My #1 goal is to have happy clients, if you are not happy "I am not happy".
If you have a special request or any concerns contact me personally.
Scanning System
Action Process Service scans every file upon completion of the service. If you
need a copy of an Affidavit of Service or have questions regarding a service
completed after Jan 1st, 2009, "no matter how much time has past" just contact our
client service representatives and we will be happy to fulfill your request promptly.
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We require prepayments from all clients unless you are with a state
agency. You can set up a recurring prepayment account to save time on
having to request checks for all future orders or you can pay as you place
each order if you prefer.

Pay as you go options: you can simply upload a check copy, pay by
secure credit card online or mail a check or credit card payment form in
with your orders placed by mail.
See NEW RATES Effective 7/26/16 for ALL Arkansas Firms
besides Government Offices