Action Process Service is Arkansas Leading Process Service provider. We serve Arkansas statewide on a daily basis and we
also provide Nationwide Process Service. Action Process Service is a Christian based business, owned and operated by a
Christian woman.

We are looking to recruit new process servers in every county of Arkansas statewide and several are needed in a lot of the
counties to serve papers in your home county as an Independent Contractor.

There is a lot of paperwork involved “on our end”, if you are considered as a process server, we will run a Criminal Record and
there must not be anything listed on your criminal record “you must have a completely clean criminal record” to be a process
server. This does not include “speeding tickets”or your driving record. We may or may not ask that you come to Little Rock for an
orientation held for all prospective servers if you live far away. All prospective servers that live in the surrounding counties of
Pulaski would be required to attend the orientation, if you are considered.

A process server is a person that is legally designated and authorized to serve legal papers that are filed in the courts. The legal
papers could include divorce matters, child custody, paternity, guardianship, collection accounts or any other type of “Civil”
matter. You would not be authorized or assigned “Criminal” matters, all criminal cases must be served by a sheriff’s department.

Once your paperwork has been completed we would start assigning you work. If you live or work in Pulaski or Saline counties,
you would come in to our office on a daily basis to pick up your new assignments and drop off your completed assignments. If
you do not live or work around Pulaski or Saline counties we would simply EMAIL your new assignments on a daily basis.

If you don't live close to our office, we would email you the assignments, You must be able to receive emails and print
assignments in order to receive assignments from us. The printers, ink, paper and all other items you purchase for this job are
“Tax Deductible”.

The assignments would have what is called a “Field Sheet” attached to the top of each job. The Field Sheet tells you the name
and address of the person that you are to serve the papers to as well as the “law” for that particular assignment. In most cases
the law will be that you can substitute serve any resident that is “14” years or older as long as you have confirmed that the
“person to be served” does in fact reside in the home and that the “14” or older person does “live with” the person to be served.

You obtain this information simply by knocking on the door of the home address we provide you with and asking a few
questions, you may have to make several attempts to find someone home before you are able to complete the assignment and
you would continue trying until you either “serve the paper” or until you “confirm that the address is bad”.

Once you receive an answer at the home address, you would simply ask if the “person being served” lives there. If the resident
says “no”, you would ask “if they know them” and go from there. If the resident does know the “person being served” but the
“person being served” does not live there, you would simply ask them if they know how you could contact the “person being
served” and obtain whatever information you are able to and report it back to our office before doing anything else.

If the current resident said they did not know the “person being served” you simply ask “what residence is this” and “how long
have they lived there” and report this back to our office. If you were told that the “person being served” does live there you simply
leave the papers with any resident “14” or older and tell them that you have a delivery for “person’s name being served” and that
you need them to make sure “person being served” receives the papers.

You must ask the “14” or older resident their complete name and obtain their relationship to the “person being served”, you can
simply say “can I get your name so that I will know who I left these papers with” and most people will be very cooperative with
you. If the person you are leaving the papers with appears to be the wife, you simply ask “are you his wife” or “are you her
husband” and most people will tell you what their relationship is. In a lot of cases the “person being served” will answer the door
or they will come to the door when you ask for them and you will serve them “personally”.

There will be many occasions where we will provide you with the “employment address”, you cannot “substitute serve “anyone at
the employment address, you can only serve the “person being served” at an address other than the residence address. If you
serve a paper but do not obtain all of the information needed, you would have to serve the same paper a second time.

You would then report all attempts, completed service and bad addresses on our APP or Website on a daily basis, 24/7 by filling
in the blanks for each assignment on a “daily” basis. If you do not have access to the Internet, you would report status by phone
24/7. If you fail to keep us updated with status on a daily basis, you would simply not continue to receive assignments.

If you confirm a bad address, you would update us but hold the assignment until further notice from our office. In most cases, we
would have you complete the “Affidavit of Non Service” and call the job “completed”, but there are some occasions where we
would provide you another address to be attempted.

You would then complete the Affidavit of Service for each completed assignment stating the date, time, service information,
address details and you would sign it on line “swearing under oath” just as if you were in from of a Judge in a court room that
what you stated is 100% true and that no “false” statements have been made.

NOTE: If false statements are listed on the Affidavit, you would face perjury/court charges and jail time for lying in a court of law
and no longer receive assignments from us.

You would be paid $23.00 for each completed assignment upon receipt and approval of the original Affidavit. We process
hundreds of jobs a day in the order they are received, most payments are processed within two weeks once they are approved
but you must allow (30) days for our payment process (does not usually take this long).

Relationship: It is understood by the parties that the Process Server is an Independent Contractor to serve process with respect
to Action Process Service. The Process Server will use his/her own vehicle while performing the duties within this agreement.

Action Process Service will not provide any fringe benefits, including health insurance, mileage, paid vacation, or any other
employee benefits such as unemployment insurance compensation, workman’s compensation or federal or state tax
withholdings. Any and all tax liability are the responsibility of the Process Server.

Deductions: You can deduct gas receipts, mileage, vehicle repairs, computers, cell phones, printers, ink, fax machines and any
other items or supplies that you will purchase or already have that you will use while serving papers. The government is currently
reimbursing around .50/.60 cents a mile for mileage expense.

Injuries: Action Process Service acknowledges the Process Server’s obligation to obtain appropriate insurance coverage for the
benefit of the Process Server. The Process Server waives any rights to recovery from Action Process Service for any and all
injuries that the Process Server may sustain while performing services under this agreement.

Confidentiality: The Process Server acknowledges and agrees not to make or receive any contact, in any shape, form or fashion
with Action Process Services clients, nor are they to solicit these clients, reveal to any third party who Action Process Services
Clients are or accept any work from these clients, all matters should be referred to Action Process Service immediately.

Taxes: Action Process Service will not withhold state or federal taxes from your check. Action Process Service will provide all
Process Servers with a “1099 Form” at the end of every year that will list the total amount paid to the Process Server for the year.
The Process Server will be responsible for reporting the income to the IRS for all tax purposes.

Is this for you? If you would be completely comfortable knocking on a total stranger’s front door and asking a few question and
have a clean criminal record, you could be a process server. If you are easily intimidated or scared of people, this is not the
solution for you. If you are not a “go getter” type of person, this is not for you.

Danger: This is not a dangerous job but does require someone who can be up front, bold and direct when needed. The owner is
a female, she has been a Process Server for ten years and she would tell you that the thing you have to worry about most is

If after reading the above process server description, you believe you would be a great process server and that you can do this
well, please complete the fields below and it will take you to the next step.

Acknowledgement: By typing my name in the field below, I am stating that I have read the process server
information, I understand what is involved and I feel confident that I can be a Process Server:
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