Action Process Service & Private Investigations is a Nationwide Piracy Investigations Service
Provider. We are currently hiring Piracy Reporters in every county of every state to determine
what Establishments in your area are
illegally showing Pay Per View Events.

Our Piracy Reporters would simply create a Target list of Establishments in his/her local area
and then compare their list with a PAID CLIENT LIST that we would provide to you the day
before or the same date of the event.

Establishment Examples: Bars, Bar and Grills, Clubs, Restaurants

The Piracy Reporter would then visit the Establishments that DID NOT PAY and take photos of
both inside and outside the Establishment (TV, Waitress, Bar, Business Sign, Door Man, the
Game or Event), these photos would then be presented as evidence in the Piracy case.

The Piracy Reporter would then complete the Piracy Update Report on our Report Status
page before 8:00AM the next morning, copy and paste the Affidavit confirmation details to our
Piracy Affidavit Letterhead (found on Report Status) page.

Email the Photos taken from the Establishment and submit the ORIGINAL Piracy Affidavit to us
by mail within (48) Hours of completion.

We pay $75.00 for each Establishment that the Piracy Reporter turns in that was NOT ON THE
LIST. If you overlook any Establishment and conduct a Piracy Investigation on an
Establishment that WAS ON THE PAID LIST, you would not be paid.

Most Payments are processed within 30-45 days upon receipt of the ORIGINAL Piracy Affidavit
and Emailed Photos.

Our goal is to hire ONE Piracy Reported for each county in an effort to avoid duplicate
Establishments being Investigated for the same Event.

If after reading the Piracy Information, you are 100% interested in being a Piracy Reporter,
select Sign Up link below.