Attention Process Servers
There are many options for keeping me updated, we simply ask that you
report attempt results as well as the completed service details 24/7 by
whatever method is best for your busy schedule
(APP/Website preferred).

Report By: APP for iPhone & Androids, Web Quick Status Updates
We need every job "attempted" every 48 hours and every
"attempt" reported to us on the date of the attempt so we can
update our records.
We will be reviewing all attempts daily for updates and placing status calls as needed.  
MOBILE APP: Search for our APP for iPhone, iPad & Android (ALL LIVE
. You can report status, get maps, send email's, attach photos,
send text, keep calendar & call us all from within our APP 24/7.  It
doesn't get any better than this!!
APP Photo
I ask all servers to take a photo of the the address attempted/served/confirmed bad; in an effort
to better assist us as well as to keep you out of the Court Room.
The Servers that comply will be
selected for assignments as priority
. You can simply snap a photo with your cell phone, name it
the job number & upload it in seconds with our APP or your computer when you report status,
within the same form you already complete.  
Thank you...Loretta Foster, President
Rebecca Clark
Process Server Specialist